Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lip Synch Test

A quick test with a Flash character's head setup.

V.O. stolen from a Jack Black movie.

28 Seconds Later

Here's a little promo I worked on a few years ago. I made all the libraries, and animated everything except the mom and cake.

Oodles of Character Designs

Generic fantasy guys.

Some underground monsters.

Action poses of Ace.

Most Wanted: Character Dump

Bad guys and monsters of the American Frontier.


King of the wild west.

The Cliffs of Hollow Earth

Another Hollow Earth drawing. I guess trees can grow underground.

Hollow Earth Samurai

Just some lizardmen Samurai... FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!

Junkyard Wars

Might as well start this blog off with a drawing I did the other day of some robots about to fight more robots.